British Adams .435 Caliber Revolver

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By Crusader1307

Designed by British Gunsmith Robert Adams in 1851, The Adams Revolver was one of the first practical double-action revolvers made. This 5-shot weapon was initially designed to chamber the English .435 caliber round. It had an effective range of 100 yards. It also featured a Spurless Hammer and was one of the first revolvers to be made as a single metal frame component. The Adams was designed to fire by trigger activation (not the hammer). This produced a faster chambering and firing action. Percussion cap based, some initial problems involving damaged frames were first recorded (due to blowback difficulties). By The Crimean War, this design flaw had been fixed as well as a standard Spurred Hammer was installed. This new design was so popular that Colts London Plant had to close to to lack of sales. The Indian Mutiny of 1857 saw many Adams pressed into service (of which their quick action was popular). American versions featuring the .44 caliber boring were made and exported. Some 600 were known to have been used bu both Union and Confederate sides during The American Civil War. The Adams was carried on the British Army inventiry of weapons until 1880, when it was phased out.