British A12 ''Matilda'' Light Tank

  • Armored Fighting Vehicle
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By Crusader1307

Nicknamed The "Matilda", The A12 was an Infantry support, Light Tank, that played an important part in Britain's North Africa Campaigns in 1942. Although "light", The "Matilda" was heavily armored with 3-inch plate. Originally prototype designed in 1937, over 6,000 were produced until 1945. Crewed by 4, The A12 was 25-tons, 16-feet long and 9-feet high. It had a 16 mph battlefield speed and was capable of a maximum range of 160 miles. The "Matilda" had a 40mm Main Gun with a 7.92mm Besa Machine Gun. So effective in North Africa, that of those that were captured by German Forces, they were "unofficially" pressed into service by Field Commanders. This caused great confusion in both sides. Their were 20 variants based on The "Matilda".