British 55th Regiment of Foot

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By Crusader1307

Formed as part of The British Army in 1755, The 55th Regiment of Foot was recruited from Stirling, Scotland. It was sent to French Canada during The French and Indian Wars (1760s), and garrisoned several British Forts in and around Nova Scotia. The Regiment also participated in several key engagements of that Conflict. The Regiment was also one of the few that adopted non-traditional combat tactics (based on Native American warfare). The Regiment was assigned to Major Robert Rogers and his famed ''Rogers Rangers''. They were sent back to England after The War.


The Regiment would fight in The American Revolution and later The Opium Wars of the 1840s. During The Crimean War of the 1850s, The 55th would win (3) Battle Honors and was a participant at The Siege of Sevastopol. It's last overseas posting was in India in the 1860s. The Regiment was part of The British Army Reforms of the 1880s, and would be merged with The 34th Regiment to be renamed The Border Regiment.


The Regiment wore the Red Scarlet of The British Army – with The 55th using Black facings with Gold trim. Their Regimental Colors were a Field of Green with The Regimental Number in Roman Letters, centered. This was encircled by a floral wreath. The Union Jack Ensign was placed in the Upper Left Canton of The Flag.