British 48th Regiment of Foot

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By Crusader1307

Raised for service in The British Army in 1741, The 48th Regiment of Foot (Northamptonshire), consisted on (1) Battalion of 400 Officers and Men. The Regiment was raised specifically to fight in The Jacobite Wars. Later, They fought in The Austrian War of Succession (1747), being present at The Battle of Lauffield (losing nearly 150 of their strength).


The 48th would next be deployed to The French and Indian Wars (The Seven Years War in Europe). The Regiment suffered heavy casualties at the Battle of Monogahela (1755, near present day Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). Reformed from their loses, The Regiment would be sent to The West Indies in time to fight at The Battle of Havana (Cuba, 1762).


During The American Revolution, The 48th was deployed to The West Indies, eventually losing many Soldiers to fever. Their Garrison could not resist French Force attacking and captured. Agfter The War they would return back to England and be reformed, in time to be sent into The Napoleonic Wars. They fought throughout Europe in many key battles for Great Britain and Her Allies.


Garrisoned in Ireland after The War, in 1817 The Regiment was deployed to Australia to put down several Rebellions. They would eventually be sent into service during The Crimean War (1855), and fought in The Siege of Sevastapol. Garrisoned to England, they would remain there until The Childers Reform of 1881, when The 48th Regiment was combined with other like Units.