British 2-Inch Trench Mortar

  • Artillery Thru The Age
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By Crusader1307

Nicknamed “The Apple Mortar” for the size and shape of it's explosive projectiles – this device was designed to be used within The Trenches of World War I. Considered a “short trajectory” weapon – The Apple Mortar was a manually operated, fuse ignited weapon. Consisting of a hollow mounted tube on a wooden “sled” platform, it was usually pre-set for high trajectory shots. The shell, a hollow lead shot (filled with 3-pounds of gunpowder), also held a time-activated fuse. Upon firing (very much as one would ignite an artillery piece) – the “fuse” would ignite the powder charge in the tube – sending “The Apple” up and over the trench perimeter. A secondary timed fuse would ignite the charge inside the shell – sending shrapnel outward to 15 feet.