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By Crusader1307

Possibly seen in Scotland and various other Coastal Gaelic Nations, The Brilinn goes back to the 1st  Century A.D. Heavily influenced by Norse shipbuilding and contacts, The Brilinn translated into English as “Ship of Burden”. Used as a trade and cargo transport, they were constructed of regional wood and could either be oar or wind powdered. Up to 18 oars could be used In some versions). Earlier versions had the inner sides and decking covered in animal hide (to assist in water proofing). Size varied from “small” (at 15 to 35 feet in length) to “long” (at 40 to 50 feet in length). Brilinn were basically a single-mast vessel (at 15 feet). It is speculated that 2 masted versions may have existed. This type of trading vessel lasted regionally for around 400 years. Due to it's size and lightness, with the advent of cannon – The Brilinn was not so successful. However as a “fast attack” ship (loaded with armed warriors), it was a formidable “boarding vessel”.