''Brigstock'' Weaver

  • Piracy
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

Born in England in the 1680s, ''Brigstock'' Weaver (His ''Given Name'' has been lost to time), was a Pirate who learned His Craft under the likes of Bartholomew Roberts and Thomas Anstis, He plied His trade mostly in The Caribbean Sea from 1720 to 1725. Originally a Merchant Ship First Mate, The Ship was captured by Roberts who – in true Pirate fashion, gave The Crew Two choices. ''Join or Die''. Weaver joined. As Pirate First Mate, when Thomas Anstis took The ''Morning Star'' as a prize (which was a faster and better armed Vessel), He gave Weaver His first command of Antsis' ''Good Fortune''. Weaver (a Crew in place), set about to ''work''.


It is estimated that during His first year, Weaver took over 50 Ships (as either Prize or pillaged and burned). Much of this fortune was ''split'' with His former Captains Roberts and Antsis (per The Code). A ''near run fate'', Weaver (who was operating off the Coast of Newfoundland) in 1723, a ''Pirate Hunter'' Warship trapped Weaver and Antsis between land and sea, battering their Ships to pieces. Weaver was able to escape with some of His Crew and hid in caves. Anstis (as we have already seen), was killed by His own Crew for His ''stupidity'' in allowing their Ship to smashed (and much of His crew later captured and hung!).


Making His way back to England, Weaver would run into a Captain of one of The Ships He sacked. The Captain gave Weaver the option of replacing (in coin) – the cost of all the liquor that He stole – or, be informed on. Weaver took the later. Jailed, He would have easily danced ''The Hangman's Jig''. However, several character witnesses came forth and cited to The Judge that Weaver was ''forced in Piracy'' (which was true in point). By dumb luck, Weaver would be pardoned. Living the rest of His life in Bristol, Weaver never again ''went to Sea''. He died of old age in His 80s in 1767.