US ''Boyer'' Rifle

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By Crusader1307

The ''Boyer Rifle'' was a prototype firearm that was invented around 1800 in The US State of Pennsylvania. A ''Combination Gun'', The Boyer (so named for Inventor/Gunsmith Daniel Boyer) – combined two barrels (one smooth and one a primitive early rifled). Both barrels were jointed and could be fired (Flintlock), separately or in tandem. In this form, The Boyer was seen as a ''Shotgun''. Affixed to a wooden stock, The Boyer Rifle was closer to 5-feet in length. The round diameter was comparable to today's .45 Caliber. It would have been heavy at 2.5-pounds. As such, The Boyer was never seriously considered for Military Contract. Some Boyers were sold to Hunters, Trackers and Settlers – but even these numbers are unclear. Later in 1840, some Boyers were modified to Percussion.