Boxted Bombard

  • Artillery Thru The Age
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By Crusader1307

The unusual Artillery piece called The Boxted Bombard (name for The Township of Boxted in Suffolk, England), is a bit of a historical mystery. Perhaps dating to the 15th Century AD, the Medieval Cannon has little to no historical background (commissioning, manufacturing etc.). close to 6-feet in length, the cast iron tube is ringed with iron straps, which may have been installed as a form of barrel reinforcement. Almost all of these pressure straps are no longer connected (each having a space). This would mean The Barrel was at some point used (although in which battle or war is as stated – unknown). Typical of most Bombards of this class, The Boxted would have no doubt used some form of hand fashioned stone shot (perhaps 10 to 15-pounds). Range is undetermined, but it would perhaps have achieved a distance of 400 to 700-yards with a full black powder charge.