Bornean Klebit Bok Shield

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By Crusader1307

Roughly translated to ''Hair Shield'', The Klebit Bok is the traditional War Shield of The Kenyah Tribe of Borneo. The Dayak were fierce Warriors who were first encountered by Europeans in the late 18th Century. They were extremely territorial, with most contacts ending in Warfare. The Kenyah were Headhunters (trophy gatherers). As with most Tribes in The Region who practiced this grisly ''Art'', The Kenyah did not display their captured Enemy Heads, rather – they use hair as a ''protective measure'' embellished on their War Shields. The traditional Klebit Bok Shield was roughly 3-feet in length and 2-feet in width. A protective ''image'' of a ''Kilau'' (or War Demon) was painted onto the face of the Shield. Most Shields were somewhat curved on the front (not flat). They were made of fire hardened regional wood. The Shield featured a series of tufts of human hair (taken from fallen Enemies heads). These were arranged in lines, affixed by wax. The more ''hair'' displayed, the more ''Veteran'' a Warrior was. The primary used of The Bok was to repeal arrows, Spear and Sword thrusts and swipes. While The Kenyah still exist, they no longer practice Headhunting – but still use The Klebit Bok Shield in ceremonial functions regarding honoring their Ancestors.