Bolsover Castle

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By Crusader1307

Located in Derbyshire, England – Bolsover Castle was built around the 11th Century. Featuring prominently during The Barons War, all three of King Henry II Sons used Bolsover (in rebellion against their father). The fortress was garrisoned by 20 Knights. Besieged in 1217, it would fall back into The Kings hands. Designed with a huge Keep (from an original Motte and Bailey design), Bolsover had a large defensive Perimeter wall. Numerous interior structure supportive to a garrison and long-tern living were also constructed. Oddly, Bolsover features very few Defensive Towers.

In 1553, a more “proper” manor House was constructed (with much of the military aspects of Bolsover removed. After being taken over by Parliamentarian Forces in The English Civil War, Bolsover was eventually slighted. Falling to The Duke of Portland in the mid-19th Century, Bolsover Castle was renovated and inhabited. The Castle currently a Protected structure that can be visited.