• Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

With comparisons to England's King Arthur legend, The Bogatyr were a type of elite Russian Knight formed around the 9th Century AD by Russian Grand Prince Vladimir The Great. The Bogatyr soon became a ''Round Table'' organization, with famed Knights and Warriors being depicted in contemporary tales undergoing many quests and adventures.


The Bogatyr were described as ''great and mighty'' warriors of even greater physical abilities and skill. Said to have ''booming voices'', they were seldom beaten in combat. It is speculated The The Grand Prince may have recruited Turkic Mercenaries and equipped them with the best in armor and weapons. As such, he fashioned them into a type of Palace and Personal Guard.


A Female Class of Bogatyr known as The Polianitsa, were in fact the well chosen wives of The Bogatyr. They were bold and strong women for their time, well trained in weapons. They would be similar to the previously discussed Samurai wives called The Onna Bugeshi.


The Bogatyr were said to be adept foot soldiers as well as cavalrymen. They were said to have been the main forces used against The Mongol incursions into The Steppes. The Bogatyr still feature in Russian culture as an ideal for a true Warrior, one who does not quit nor fear an Enemy.