Boar Spear

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By Crusader1307

Developed for hunting, The Boar Spear was a popular Greek weapon (4th Century B.C. Onward), that would evolve into many similar Spear and Pole Arm types used in Europe during The Middle Ages. The Boar Spear was designed to be “tough” in construction (due to The Boar) – that it was used to hunt. Boars (Wild Pig), are aggressive animals with thick (and strong hides). The Boar Spear was a Bronze Spear Head, radically flattened and large. Some examples found were 8 to 12-inches long and 3 to 5 inches in width. Sharped on both edged of the bevel, The Boar Sear featured a “Cross Bar” or “T” Bar, ¾ of an inch below the Spear Head body. This was to provide “leverage” once the Boar was struck (by bringing ones foot down, with added body weight – to trap the wounded animal). Quickly adapted into a war weapon, The Boar Spear was especially useful against Light Armor and some Mails (due to this similar use). The wooden Pole was between 6 and 8-feet long. Boar Spears were seldom thrown, and used as a stabbing and thrusting weapon.