''Blackbeard's Brace''

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

In addition to his fierce reputation, Blackbeard (aka Edward Teach), also invented a useful fighting component that was adopted by many other Pirates. Used for Boarding enemy ships, Blackbeard's Brace Holder was a leather, load-bearing accoutrement holder. A Brace of Pistols was two loaded weapons normally carried in a set of holsters, traditionally worn on the hips. At Sea, a holster could get in the way. Blackbeard was "credited" with creating a leather Carrier for pistols over his chest. This allowed him to quickly access them. Most that adapted The Brace Carrier made them for two pistols. Blackbeard's Model was designed to carry no less than 6 loaded pistols, a knife and either one or two long blades. Blackbeard was known to carry both Sword and Cutlass into battle.