Black Caesar

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Another one of the few African “traditional” Pirate Captains, much of the real man is shrouded in legend. Born in West Africa (unknown date), some feel he was a Tribal Chief who was captured by Slavers. Said to be 6 foot (or better), extremely strong and very intelligent, The legend continues with a Sailor of the Slaver being kind to Caesar -o much so that off the Coast of Florida, when the Slaver hit a hurricane – he freed Caesar. The two took a longboat and they saved each other from drowning. Upon reaching shore, Caesar and his friend began a ruse business of purposely setting themselves adrift to lure passing ships. Thinking them “survivors”, they were taken aboard. They successfully were able to not only built a small Fleet, but recruit an ample crew. Legend states that Caesar would kill his friend over a woman. It was around this time, Caesar began to fully operate as a Pirate on The Seas. Caeser set up a base of operations on Old Rhodes Key (Florida). There he operated, by some accounts – a Tavern and Brothel (an a Harem for himself). Caesar's legend continues with his poor handling of prisoners.


Often kept in stone huts, when Caesar went on raids he left no provisions or care for them. Many died as such (creating the haunted island legend in the area still today). Caesar (again for unknown reasons), left his “Fleet” and became a Lieutenant for Captain Edward Teach (aka Blackbeard) – on board The “Queen Anne's Revenge”. During Blackbeard's final struggles with Lieutenant Maynard (Royal Navy) on deck, Caesar was given the instructions to blow the powder magazines. He was tackled by soldiers (many) and was eventually “clapped in irons”. Taken to Williamsburg, Virginia (US), Caesar was tried and executed (by hanging) – in 1718.