Bernard of Clairvaux

  • Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

Bernard was born in 1090 in France. Son of a wealthy Noble Family, he was well educated (and it was assumed that he would become a secular Scholar). Bernard, however took to Theology. Becoming an Initiate of The Cistercian Order, his views of a Monk's “simple life” were well promoted. So much so, that he rose very quickly to Abbot. Serving as such for 40 years of his career, he became very influential in the 12th Century.


Advising 2 Popes and being solely “responsible” for “preaching up” The 2nd Crusades (1146), he espoused three basic principle to Catholic Monks of the Era. Marian Devotion, the intensification of “personal” mysticism and Friendship. Bernard was a firebrand against Judaism – so much so he was responsible for several Regional anti-Semite pogroms. Dying of natural causes in 1153, he was canonized by The Church.