Bay Fleet

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

An organized Trading Fleet of Ships, The so-named “Bay Fleet” was a short lived venture by English King Henry VI in 1449. He sought to not trade with the famed Hanseatic  League and wished to establish his own Commerce Fleet. As such, his actions outraged The League. In addition to Commerce, The Fleet was to protect The English Channel from Piracy. Many of Henry’s Fleet began to turn Privateers themselves. In the year of their creation (1449), The Fleet attacked (without authority, it seems), 50 League Trade Ships, taking many as “Prizes”.

In response, English Wool (a major Trade commodity at the time), was excluded from sale or trade (as punishment for The Bay Fleet attack). French King Charles VII would also “invade” and station French Troops in Normandy (a traditional English colony since The Hundred Years War). The short lived Bay Fleet (disbanded around 1450), is an example of early mismanagement by a King  with regards to Foreign Policy and Trade Treaties. As such, The Bay Fleet Incident would help spark The Cade Rebellion against Henry- also in 1450.