Basilica Aemilia

  • Ancient Rome
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By Crusader1307

A Roman Forum placed Structure, The Basilica Aemilia was used as (first) a Bank and later a series of Shops frequented by all Classes of Roman Citizens. It was built in 179 AD and ''Patroned'' by The House of General Marcus Nobilior. It was originally named The Basilica Fluvia (in honor of his Family Name)


Consisting of 2-Floors with a ''working'' Roof Section. The Aemilia was 390-feet in length an 100-feet wide. The Front and Back consisted of 30 Marbled Columns used both for decoration and structural support. Added (expanded) in 55 AD, it was renamed The Basilica Paulli, it was set fire by Alaric of The Visigoths. Rebuilt again, The Basilica did not survive the Earthquake of 847 AD. It's rubble was repurposed for many other structures throughout Rome.


Only small portions of it's Foundation and a few broken Columns still remain.