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By Crusader1307

This style of ship was characterized by having 3 or more Masts with a rigged square and Mizzen – both on the front and back of the ship (Fore and Aft). Of French origin, the word is also seen in Egypt as well. Normally reserved for non-specified type vessels, The British Royal Navy placed such ships in this category. They used the term “Bark” to identify these type ships. By the 18th Century, The Barque was known as a full-Masted and full-sail ship (noted for it's overall length). They were not designed as fighting ships (although a few were pressed into service in The American Navy in the 1840s and 1850s). Barques were noted for being able to use less sails (through square yardage) and could run faster with less Crew. This meant less monies spent (especially in the Cargo and Merchant Trade). The Barque-style ship also made an excellent Training Ship.