Barbette Hat

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By Crusader1307

Seen in the late 14th Century in Europe, The Barnett Hat (also known as "The Turret"), was a popular headgear for Medieval women. Possibly of French origins, the Hat was worn by Noblewomen. Made of different materials (wool,felt and silk), The Barbette was a rounded piece of heavy material, shaped and sewn into a circle. The top, or Crown - was a matching top piece (likewise sewn). The Barbette was worn slight canted to the rear of the head. It was held in place by a long linen piece of cloth and tied as a chinstrap. Coloring and embellishments were as varied as the finances of the wealthy who commissioned them. The hat's "other" name of "Turret", derived from England (again in the 14th Century), for it's resemblance to a Rounded Castle defense Turret. They were also often embellished with headscarves, used was a form of veil. The Barnett would last throughout most of Europe until the mid-15th to early 16th Centuries.