Banner of The Order of Teutionic Knights

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By Crusader1307

As previously discussed, The Order of Teutonic Knights was a Germanic Military Order of Lay Soldiers, raised in the 14th Century to do battle in The Christian Crusades. Although they did participate in some of the offenses against The Middle Eastern Muslims, most fought to establish Church control over perceived ''Heretic Rebellions'' in Central and Eastern Europe. They were a particularly ruthless Military Force which was finally broken at The Battle of Grunwald in the 15th CenturyAs with most Military Orders of Knights and Lay Soldiers, The Teutonics too had their own Battle Flag or Banner. Based on a modified ''Shallow-Tail'' Flag (widely seen in The Era), these Colors were Small Squared Flags with bunted ends. The Teutonic used the color White (Religious Purity) as their primary Field Color. The ''Black Cross'' occupied the Field as it's primary imagery. However, the Cross Bar of this image extended far off the Banner (over The Fly). This formed a kind of Streamer. The Teutonic Order was one of the few such to use such a motif.