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By Crusader1307

The Title “Kingdom of England” goes back to the early 9th century, under Aethestan and would remain in effect until 1603. The eventual addition of Wales, Scotland and Ireland would form The “United Kingdom” (1700). Various Flags, Banners and Standards were designed and used by various Kings and Queens for much of The Kingdom of England's first 600-odd years. After the 13th Century, The Cross of St. George was commonly used to represent The Kingdom. War Flags and Banners (although often representing their Nobility), had some related symbolism.


Around 1406, the incorporation of Royal associative imagery began to be used, in particular identifying both The Wessex Colors (English Royalty) – with French Colors (claims based on Salic Law and under Henry V). Most Kingdom Flags were quartered to reflect both Kingdoms (quartered). From 1456 to 1505, a “new” Kingdom Flag was designed and flown, which removed the Lower Left French Flag Quadrant ans replaced it with The countercharged Cross of George. The Red Field with White Cross was a common Standard bore during The Early Crusades when England provided Troops to The Middle East. By 1603, it had been replaced yet again with the original 1406 Version.