Banner of King Richard III

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By Crusader1307

England's King Richard III was the last of The Plantagenet Kings (The House of Lancaster), who took the Throne in The Dynastic “War of The Roses”. His House of York Rivals or “Yorkists” would finally coax Richard back to Battle by Henry Tudor and his Army. King Richard would fall at The Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485. Most English Kings since King William in 1067, has used personal Banners (mostly as Battle Flags). Richard III was no different. Although a standardized (and unchanged) Royal Standard would begin with Henry Tudor (Henry VII), this type of elongated Bunted Banner was very common with Noblemen and Royalty in England.


Richard III Personal Banner (which he carried to his death at Bosworth Field), was just as typical as other. The Banner Field was split (horizontal), with the Upper Stripe Blue and the Lower Red (both colors associated with The English and French Monarchy). The far Left Field Canton (at The Hoist), bore a White Field with a Red Cross of St. George. The Center Field had an image of a Boar (part of Richard's Heraldry) and a White Rose Insignia (associating his House of Lancaster). The use of The White or Red Rose was a very common image on War of The Roses Battle Flags. Richard's Banner was no doubt destroyed after his death and the rise of The Tudor Dynasty under Henry VII.