Banner of King Henry VII

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By Crusader1307

Father of Henry VIII, Henry VII was the first Tudor Dynastic Monarch – ruling from 1485 to 1509. Born in Wales, he was also the first Tudor Monarch to rule Wales and Ireland. His Reign was established by his Personnel Royal Banner (in lieu of a Standard). The Banner of Henry VII greatly reflected his Welsh background. As a typical Banner, it was an elongated and Bunted (or Rounded) Version. The Field was basically a Countercharge design, featuring an Upper White with a Lower Green Division (2 primary Colors of Wales). Centered closer to The Banner’s Hoist, a large Red Dragon (advancing) was placed. To show the “Union” or “Peace” of The Lancaster and Tudor Houses (recently at War over Throne Supremacy in The “War of The Roses”) – a series or Red and White Rose Badges were placed. The Tudor Red Rose occupied The White Upper Field, while The White Rose of Lancaster was placed on The Green Field. Henry’s “claim” to The Throne was established by the embroidered wording of “Driot Diev Et Mon’’, in Gold. After his death in 1509, his Banner was retired.