Banner of King Edward III

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By Crusader1307

Reigning from 1327 to 1377, Edward III was the second longest seated English Medieval Ruler of The Period (at 50 years). Edward was best noted for his claim on The Throne of France (based in part on Salic Law). With Edward's claim flatly denounced, Edward would initiate The Hundred Year War. The costly Conflict did nothing to establish a Claimant on either side very long. Unknown hundreds of thousands perished on both sides. Edward was also responsible for the evolution of England's Parliament and saw the first ravages of “The Black Death”.


Edward IIIs claim was made official with his installment of his Personal Banner. A variation of The Royal Standard of England (and in part The “Wessex” Standard), The Banner of Edward was a “Hanging Standard”, which was similar to a Gonfalon (Banner hung from a Crossbar). Quartered (4), The Upper Left and Lower Right Cantons featured a Light Blue Field filled with The Fleur de Lys covering the entirety of both Canton Fields. This was the symbol of France. The Upper Right and Lower Left Cantons featured a Red Field with the (3) Gold Lions of Wessex (the symbol of England's Monarchs to that point).


Edwards Banner was modified somewhat, with versions first carried into some the first Battles of The Hundred Year War. It was also adopted into Shield Heraldry as well as Battle Clothing. After his death, other Royal Standards would replace it.