Balteus & Pteruges

  • Ancient Rome
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

The Roman Balteus were a form of Baldric (or belt), designed to support more than just the normal weight of accoutrements when used. For the Roman soldier, it was a primary equipment piece used to carry the sword pr dagger (when used). Versions known (and documented from the Period), have Balteus worn around the waist (although there were different variations of Balteus worn over the shoulder. They were made of heavy leather with flanges designed to hand over the front (groin area), with some versions extending completely around. These flanges were known as Pteruges. The were often made with metal or brass studs attached to the leather. More than just mere decoration, the Pteruges also was a form of protection to the front and upper thighs (an early precursor to the Medieval Base Skirt). Pteruges slipped over the Balteus, which was in turn tied at the back (or buckled from the front).