Ballestro de Monde

  • Medieval Era
  • Less than 1 min

By Crusader1307

Also called The ''Marksmen of The Trail'' – The Murcia (Spain) collective Militia called The Ballestro de Monde were active in the 13th Century AD. Coming from Mountainous Regions, The Monde were Hunters, Trappers and Herdmens. Due to their skill in Archery, Murcian Royalty entered into an agreement for them to protect His Mountains and Territories from Bandits. The Monde could best bee seen as an early form of Constabulary. Much as their Contemporaries The Almogavars, The Monde too monitored theft of Charcoal Production within their operational Regions. The Monde did not wear uniforms, but did maintain a rudimentary Ranking System. This recognized ''newer'' Recruits from older and more experienced ones. The Monde did assist as Irregualr Troops in several small scale Battles. The Monde could also be compared to today's modern Forest Rangers, existing as a Constabulary until the 18th Century.