Aztec Tlahhuitolli

  • General History
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By Crusader1307

The basic Aztec Bow (ranged weapon), these were solid, one-piece recursive bows made from the wood of the strong Tepozan Tree. Normally 5 feet (unstrung), the drawstrings were made from dired and thinned animal sinews. Archers (or Bowmen), were considered somewhat elite in Aztec Warrior Society (due to the time needed to properly train one). Although not Nobility, they were the equi8valent to today's “Middle Class”. Typically, an Archer carried a Quiver of 10 to 15 Obsidian, Flint or Bone Head Arrows. These were often barbed to create more fatal wounds. Turkey and Duck feathers were most often chosen as fletching. Archers also did not wear protective headgear (but did wear Linen Armor. In addition, a War Shield was also carried into battle for protection (as were small daggers).