• Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Perhaps She was the Daughter of a 5th Century AD Scandinavian King, but Awilda would live Her life very far away from the privileges of Royalty. Her legend states that She was the ''victim'' of an arranged marriage by Her Father. Not wishing to be married to such, Awilda and many of Her Friends (all Female), disguised themselves as ''Male Sailors'' and commandeered a Ship. Making their escape, Awilda came across a ''Pirate Vessel'' (who had recently lost it's Captain). Impressed by Her ''pluck'', She was made Captain of that Ship. Now Awilda was a proper Commander of two such Vessels. She set about to ''plundering The Coast'', targeting Danish Shipping (perhaps because Her arranged betrothed was a Danish Prince).


Her intended, whom She had never met – wished to impress His Father. He promised to stop The Pirate attacks on His Father's Ships. Leading a Fleet, He did battle with Awilda and Her Crew. A pitched battle ensured, with The Prince gaining The Day. Awilda was so impressed with The Prince that She revealed Her ''true identity''. The two fell in love and were married anyway. The ''new'' King and Queen of Denmark – Alf and Awild started out (it seems) as Buccaneers.


The tale has been adopted by several early Medieval Countries as well. So much myth was applied that any true sources have long been lost to time.