• Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

The Avars were one of several non-German groups living in what is now Austria. Originally, they were a Tribe of Altaic descent (part Mongolian and part-Turkish) – in the 5th Century A.D. The reigning Kingdom (Bavaria), had on many occasions – sent Emissaries to them. The result was always the same – death. In 567 A.D. King Bayan of The Avars launched a campaign against the Gepid Germans. The Gepids were allied with Byzantium and The Lombards. Not wishing to fight The Avars, they lost Dalmatia. Entering into a truce, some 180,000 pieces of silver were extorted as tribute to The Avars. To ensure their “word of truth”, The Avar's executed some 12,000 Byzantine prisoners (beheaded). Occupying Pannonia (The Danube and The Tisza) – The Avars took Hungary as their “new” Homeland. Encouraging other smaller local non-Avar Tribes and Clans to join them, their Empire stretched from The Baltic Sea to The Volga River.


A 601 A.D. Byzantium Force achieved a minor victory at Tisza. However, The Avars kept coming until they finally reached the walls of Constantinople in 619 A.D. An alliance between Persia and The Avars amassed an Army of 80,000 to besiege the City. In 626 A.D. - nearly lost, Byzantium managed to hold and save Constantinople. Directing their forces towards The Franks (in The North), The Avars (in 791 A.D.) - hit their “brick wall”, in the guise of Charlemagne. His Frankish Armies completely destroyed The Avars. Taking their Kingdom and territories, all Avars (Pagans by birth and lifestyle) – either were converted to Charlemagne and his Christianity (or were put to the sword). All Avar influence would be absorbed into Hungary.