Austrian-Hungarian Lloyd 40.08 Heavy Bomber

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By Crusader1307

An unusual World War I Bomber prototype, The Lloyd 40.08 ''Sky Cruiser'' was developed in 1916. Seen as a possible Heavy Bomber with ''great power and range'' – the design alone proved to be it's undoing. The 40.08 featured a Tri-Plane (Wing) design and (3) Engines. This was seen as needed to carry a minimum 450-lb. Bomb to target. However, due to overall construction and aerodynamics – The ''Sky Cruiser'' did not live up to it's initial tests, and The Plan was discontinued that same year. The 40.08 was 32-feet long with a Tri-wing span ranging from – (Top) at 76-feet, (Middle) at 73-feet and (Bottom) at 53-feet. Power was provided by (1) Daimler V-12 (300-HP) Engine. This was configured as a Rear Mounted or ''Pusher'' Engine. (2) Daimler 6-Cylinder Engines were mounted on the fuselage and produced an additional 160-HP each. Rated speed during tests was 125-mph. Operational altitude was 12,000-feet. Armament included was (1) 450-lb. Bomb with (4) 7.92mm Machine Guns in support. The Lloyd 40.08 would have been crewed by 4 to 5 Men.