Austrian SK-105 ''Kurassier'' Light Tank

  • Armored Fighting Vehicle
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By Crusader1307

The Austrian SK-105 ''Kurassier'' is a Light Tank (Armor) Vehicle, which is used by Austrian Military Forces. The Model is also exported to various other Nations. First prototyped in 1967, The SK-105 went into full production by 1971. Over (700) have been produced to date. In addition to overall Anti-Armor protection, The ''Kurassier'' is also deployed as Infantry Support. Armor Plating is rated at 1.6-inches throughout. The SK-105 uses a 105mm Main Gun and is supported by various configurations of the standard NATO 7.62mm Machine Gun. The Tank is crewed by (3). Weighing 17-tons, The SK-105 is 18-feet-long with a height of 9-feet. The Vehicle is powered by a Steyr 6-cylinder Diesel Engine with an overall land speed on flat terrain of 40-mph.