Austrian-German Steyr ADGZ Armored Car

  • Armored Fighting Vehicle
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By Crusader1307

The Austrian-German Steyr ADGZ ''Heavy'' Armored Car was a popular (limited use) Infantry support Vehicle used by The Austrian and German Army in World War II. First deployed in 1934, only (52) were produced. The ADGZ was particularly popular with German SS Units stationed on The Eastern Front. Some Models would survive The War and be adopted into The Croatian Army until the mid-1950s. Weighing 12-Tons, The ADGZ was an (8) Wheeled Vehicle powered by a Daimler 6-Cylinder Engine, capable of 150-HP (44-mph). It's operational range was close to 300-miles. Crew complimented by (6) Soldiers, The ADGZ was 20-feet long and had a height of 8-feet. It featured 2-inches of Armor plating throughout.