Australian ''Wirraway'' Fighter Plane

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By Crusader1307

The Australian CAC ''Wirraway'' was a World War II produced Fighter Plane, credited as being the first such locally produced and used by The Royal Australian Air Forces. First deployed in 1939, The ''Wirraway'' (translated to ''Challenge''), deployed in The War, The Class did engage a Japanese Nakajima Fighter, and was able to down in in 1942. Over (800) Models were Produced for The War Effort. By 1945, The ''Wirraway'' was regulated to Flight Training status until 1957. With the adoption of The de Havilland ''Vampire'' Fighter Jet, The ''Wirraway'' was retired. Measuring 30-feet, The ''Wirraway'' wingspan was 44-feet. Power came from a Single Pratt & Whitney 9-Cylinder Engine, capable of producing 600-HP. Rated air speed was 225-mph with an operational ceiling of 23,000-feet. The ''Wirraway'' supported (2) .303 Wing Mounted Machine Guns and (1) .303 Machine Gun (Rear Mounted). When configured, The Fighter supported up to 1,000-lbs. Ordnance.