Australian ''Ikara'' Anti-Submarine Missile

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By Crusader1307

The Australian developed ''Ikara'' Missile was a mainstay of The Cold War, in that Countries Naval Forces. The ''Ikara'' was an effective device which deployed a form of ''acoustic torpedo''. The weapons closed the distance between launch point and target dramatically. Several versions were developed, with one being Nuclear. The ''Ikara'' had a range of almost 10-miles. They were 15-feet in length with a solid fuel propulsion system. The ''Ikara'' could reach a maximum operational ceiling (free flight before submersion of almost 2,000-feet). Guidance was electronic in nature (from Ship Command). Which installed on most Royal Australian Navy Frigates, The ''Ikara'' saw some exporting to Allied Nations, with even Great Britain adopting some on their Warships. They would have a long deployment service, being in Australian inventory until the 1990s (before being phased out).