• Ancient Rome
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By Crusader1307

The position of Auriga, although ranked as a ''Slave'' of Rome, occupied a somewhat important place in The Ancient Roman Class System. The Auriga was tasked with being a Driver of The Biga (2-Wheeled) Chariot. He would be chosen to drive (transport) ''important'' or ''Popular'' Gladiators to the various Games. Auriga's were also used to drive Roman Commanders, often when they entered Rome for Triumphal Processions. In this role, Auriga's were a form of Chauffeur''.


The name Auriga was also applied to the Slave who rode on The Biga, behind The Roman Commander. Holding on to the Back Runners of The Biga, The Auriga would hold a Laurel Wreath (symbol of The Commanders prowess in The Field). This ''Rear Riding'' Auriga was also tasked with whispering into the ear of The Commander those immortal words ''Remember, Thou Art Only A Man'' (in reference to NOT and try to attempt a Coup, as did General Sulla accomplished in 82 BC).


By the 3rd Century AD, an Auriga could be either a Slave or Freeman of Rome.