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By Crusader1307

This Title was derived originally from Ukrainian and Russian sources, primarily among The Cossack Peoples. It related to their Military Rank and structuring with regards to a “Supreme” Military Commander in The Field. The Ataman was comparable to that of Modern General Field Officer. Interchangeable with The Polish-Lithuanian Title of “Hetman” to some degrees, The Ataman was the ultimate control of a Cossack Army. He decided when to go to War, and how a particular battle was to be fought.


The Ataman lifestyle was one often similar to that of a Prince. He had the finest of clothes and equipment at his disposal. The Ataman was a revered position with Cossack Soldiers. He was often the bravest one among get them, with most Ataman Leaders, taking positions in Front of their Armies during battle. This was seen as inspiring. Dating to around the 15th Century, The Ataman Title would continue in use with many Cossack Clans and subsets. When modernized in the 19th and 20th Centuries, it was dropped to that of “General”. Later, when Ukraine broke away from Russia seeking it’s Independence in the 21st Century, the use of “Supreme Ataman” was reintroduced.