Assyrian War Helmets

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By Crusader1307

Assyrian Infantry and Cavalry Units (as did other Ancient Nations with an experienced military), wore helmets for the protection of their soldiers). Skilled with Bronze and copper work, their protective headgear reflected this. Infantry units wore a conical bronze/copper infused helmet which protected only the upper head. Often a “one size fits all” type, Assyrian Infantrymen would wear a leather cap which served to “fit”” the helmet (and to keep sweat from their eyes). The conical shape was not by design, but by practicality. If a sword stroke hit the helmet, the sweeping/curved design would help to deflect a blow. In terms of Assyrian Cavalry units, a similar design was implemented. These helmets were more slender and form fitting in design. They also featured small facial side plate extensions for minor protection. Helmets were often painted or had iconic images engraved.