Arthur Tudor

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Born 9 months (1486) into the marriage of his father King VII (England) – and his mother, Elizabeth of York – the Union was seen not only as a bandage to heal the wound of The War of The Roses, but that the newborn Arthur (so named for the mythical King), would become the first “Official” Tudor King. At 2 years (as was customs), King Henry went into negotiations for Arthur's marriage to Spain's MUCH older Princess Catherine of Aragon. This marriage was a binding tie needed between the 2 often hostile Countries (with Spain being the more powerful). Soon afterwards, he was joined by a Brother (named for his father, Henry). As the Eldest, (and with Heirs) – his brother Henry would probably never wear the Crown. Arthur was well educated and his impending marriage was sealed in 1501. Although older than Arthur, the two seemed well suited (and similar). Sent to Wales around 1502, Arthur grew ill and died. Leaving no Heir – the “hope” of The Tudors now fell to his brother – Henry VIII!