Art of The Sword - ''Low (Middle) Center Guard''

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

A basic defensive stance, The Low Center Guard (sometimes called The “Middle Iron Gate” - or “Mezzana Porta de Ferro'' in Italian), was a Sword Position which allowed a Fighter to achieve various “small movement blocks” from The Front, Left or Side (while still maintaining a Forward Position). These would be considered furtive movements or often used as feints. The Swordsman produced a string Center of Gravity (or body position) by extending his Right Leg rearward 2-feet (as in a Brace).His Sword was positioned as such so that the “True” (or cutting edge) was facing downward. The blade was positioned with the Handle firmly held in a full Grip, with The Pommel against his Waist Front. It was important to maintain one's “glance” forward (facing an Enemy, yet still capable of looking and reacting to the Left or Right).