Art of The Sword - ''Left/Right Guard''

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

The Left or Right Guard Position (also known as “The Plow” of “Pflug”), is a basic position used by Swordsmen to advance on an Enemy from The Front. From this stance, one can also move into many other Guards, Blocks and Attacks. The Blade is held at the waist, pointing outwards. The “True” or edge is positioned downward. It is held at a 45-degree angle (Front). The Hand Grip requires The Right Hand to grasp the Handle at the top firmly (for both control and aim). The Left Hand is positioned semi-inverted, with the palm controlling The Pommel.


In application, a Swordsman can push forward in a “Power Thrust”. The point of aim is the Center Mass of an Enemy. The inverted Hold of The Left Hand allows for a turning of the blade. As such, The Blade edge will become inverted or face upwards. The Swordsman Legs are spread shoulder length apart with the Left Leg slightly forward for stability. Conversely, The Left or Right Guard can also be used to deflect a swipe or charge from an Enemy.