Art of The Sword - ''Horn of Wrath''

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Also referred to in The German School of Sword (16th Century), as The “Zornhut’’, this was an intimidating and very powerful striking technique. It was designed to inflict maximum damage to an Enemies Armor or to be used as a “Kill Shot’’. In application, The Zornhut was similar to many other Attack Stances taught by The German School of Sword. It differed from the sheer force used to execute the movement. The Stance, which bears a very similar style to a Modern American Baseball Strike Stance, or some English Cricket positions, involved the legs of The Swordsman to be equally spread with the shoulders. A slight 45-degree angle used to provide the Right Leg as the “stronger”.


Raising The Blade up and over The Head (Rear), The Hand Gripping was firmly placed into the Center of The Handle. The Swordsman next turned his Upper Torso at an angle to compensate and duplicate his Right Leg Placement. Putting all force and energy into the next movement, The Swordsman would swing The Blade from behind The Head, leveling it towards an Enemies own Head. The result was severe blunt force trauma (if a Helmet was worn) – to instant decapitation (if one was not).