Art of The Sword - ''Hanging Guard''

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Also associated with “Sloping Parries” or Counters – The Hanging Guard is a High strike or Guard stance, used to counter an Enemy counter strike or thrust. The Hanging Guard is best applied when the overall closed distance is around 6 to 8-feet between The Swordsman and his Enemy. Using a Full or Pommel Grip (as previously mentioned), The Swordsman raises his blade up to his face. The full length of his blade extends rearward, over his back on either the Left or Right side. The weight of the blade is thus allowed to “hang” in this position – all the while still controlled by the Left Hand (for aim) and Right Hand (for power). The Leg positioning in similar to a “Power Stance”, which the Right Leg brought forward slightly. This allows for The Swordsman to put his entire weight into the selected counter strike or blow. The obvious applications would be to bring the blade into either a High Guard stance or related downward blow (or cleave).