Art of The Sword - ''Crown Guard''

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Also known as “The Frontale”, this was a basic Swordsman stance which was commonly used in The Attack. It was from The Crown Guard (it resembled the process by which  a Knight was “created” by a Liege), that many other Attack positions could be achieved. It is commonly confused with The “High Guard”. Considered a “Power Thrust” stance, The Swordsman places his Legs with the Right Leg extended Forward and The Left positioned slightly rearward. This provides for stability. The Swordsman lifts his Blade high, but angled outward in a 20-degree forward can't. The Blade is positioned in a flattened state. The Right Hand Grip is forward of The Handle with a 3-inch space of Grip until The Left Hand placement. This is wrapped around The Pommel. This Grip provides for overall aim and control. As previously stated, The Crown  Guard is used to move into a wide variety of Attacks and Guards that the Swordsman may face from his Front.