Arming Coat

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

A type of Menswear used between the 15th to 17th Century, The Arming Coat was akin to The Gambeson. Unlike a Gambeson (used in combat with "pockets" filled with metal shavings or plates from protection), The Arming Coat was quilted with heavy cloth. Not used for battlefield engagement, these types of clothing were used in Duels or for personal protection. Various types of Arming Coats were designed to extend to the waist or longer to the mid-thigh. Made from multiple thick material layers, they could be made in many colors. They used a button closure front and also used belts to secure them. Although Arming Coats could not stop direct thrusts, they were effective in protection against slashes. Seem in great numbers in Italy and Spain, they were also used to a lesser degree in France and England. In addition to personal protection in a Duel or against a "Brigand", Arming Coats were also used in Fencing practices.