Armand's Legion

  • The American Revolution
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By Crusader1307

Raised by French ''Mercenary'' Charles Armand, His Legion was authorized by American Colonial General George Washington in 1776. However, Armand was not popular with ex-patriate French and He would muster very few. Most were Swiss and later – even Hessian POWs who had ''switched sides''. They numbered closed to 500 Men. Armand totally financed His Legion, equipping and uniforming them.


In 1780, The Legion had suffered many casualties in their fighting against The British. So much so, that remnants of other similar Legions were merged into His. Re-named The 1st Partisan Corps. - they would be part of the Assault on Redoubt 10, a key point in The British defenses of Yorktown. They would be disbanded in 17872 after the War.


The Legion wore Uniforms that were very similar to the later European Hussars. ''Continental'' Blue was chosen for color. They used a Dragoon Helmet and traditional 18th Century Infantry weapons.