Argentine DL-43 ''Nahuel'' Tank

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

The Argentine DL-43 ''Nahuel'' was a Medium Tank built and marketed by Argentina, during World War II. The Tank was based on the US M-4 ''Grant'' and M-3 ''Sherman'' version. Built to be supplied to England during the early phases of World War II, only (16) were shipped. With American involvement in The War (1941), a steady supply of M-3 and M-4s made The DL-43 usage obsolete. Those unsold remained with The Argentine Army until the mid-1950s. The DL-43 was 35-tons and was a dual tracked system. 20-feet long, it was 8-feet in height and supported a crew of (5). Power camed from a Single Lorraine-Dietrich 12-Cylinder Gasoline Engine, capable of 500-HP. Rated land speed on flat terrain was 25-mph. Armament included a 7.5cc Krupp Main Gun and (3) 7.65mm Machine Guns.