Anne Bonny

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Although she never actively commanded a Pirate vessel, Anne Bonny was nonetheless an important figure in Pirate History and Lore. Born in Ireland around 1700, her family moved to The New World when she was 12. Prior to her Father's death, Anne went to work at his Port Merchant business. Anne was described as a “handsome woman” by the day's standards. She no doubt had many suitors. However, Anne was known to have a temper (even stabbing someone with a knife for “inappropriateness”. At some point , Anne and her Father fell out (possibly because of her refusal to accept his marriage arrangements). He disowned her. Legend states that she burnt down his substantial Plantation holdings in the Region in retaliation. At this time, Anne married James Bonny (a small-time Pirate) and in 1718, was known to land in Nassau, Bahamas. Nassau was then considered a “haven” for Pirates.


She and James were in good company. Anne may have started working in the local Taverns at this time. There she met some of the most notorious Pirates of her time (even befriending them). It was said she left James Bonny and took up with Captain “Calico Jack” Rackham. He took her to sea and the two enjoyed many adventures in capturing ships and taking treasure. Anne was known to fight in Boarding Parties and was considered “one of the crew” (even taking a share in the profits). Her, Rackham and others stole the ship The “Revenge” and planned to set about a new series of raids using the much more powerful ship. Drunk and celebrating too much, a British Warship simply sailed up and took The “Revenge”. Tried for Piracy, Rackham went first to the Gallows.


Anne was convicted and sentenced to hang as well. She would have, had it not been for the fact that she was pregnant. Her sentence was commuted only until the birth of her child (upon which time the sentence was to be carried out). Here History takes an odd turn. Records record the birth of her and Rackham's Son but not of her execution or her “burial”. Legend states that her Father (more out of Family honor), “arranged” for her release (after the childbirth). It is further said that she was “spirited away” back to America where she changed her name and married into a “substantial” family.