American ''George Rex'' Flag

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By Crusader1307

Seen in 1775, The “George Rex” Flag originated in New York Colony. Based on The British Red Naval Ensign, the Flag also served as a “political” statement – in that it “listed” the common grievances The New York Colonies had with England's King George III (hence it's name). The Flag had a Red Field with the British Union Jack featured in the upper left Canton. Below The Canton (in White lettering), were placed the “complaints” - which read as - “GEORGE REX III AND THE LIBERTIES OF AMERICA” and “NO POPERY”. The later phrase, denoting disgust with Catholicism, was based on the fact that England had left much of “French Canada” (which was under their control from the late “Queen Anne's War”). France was Catholic and many English “Protestants” feared an encrouchment of the Faith. The “Liberties of America” were based on at least 30-years worth of “Tax Acts” levied against The Colonies in general.