American Colonial Privateering Flags

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By Crusader1307

Piracy (as we have seen), was a “popular”” money-making venture for many. When “Letters of Marque” are made, such “Wolves” become “Privateers”. American Ships (often private ventures), who were awarded Letters from The Continental Congress, would ply the Seas – attacking British shipping and commerce (often directly off the English Coastline). Here are several examples of early Privateering Colors known to have been flown. The first, was a Black and Yellow Field without imagery or embellishments. Known to have been used by the American Brigantine “Wild Duck”(renamed “Lexington”), it may have taken as many as 30 British Ships (raided or sunk). Another known, was a variant of The Union Jack (British), which featured the English Colors in the upper left Canton. The Field of the Flag was composed of Red and Green Striping. This Flag was used by the American Ship “Hornet”. Since their superior service, there has always been both commissioned named in The US Navy for fighting vessels (both of which are now Super Carriers).